State Parks

There are various State Parks on the outskirts of the San Rafael Swell. They can be a good place to stay because of the availability of water, unlike the mostly waterless Swell. They also have other facilities. The parks can accommodate tents and RVs, though not all have hookups. You can look at an overview of the parks on the State Park Page and more detail about Goblin Valley State Park on the Goblin Valley State Park Page. The nearby parks include:

Goblin Valley State Park

Green River State Park

Huntington State Park

Millsite State Park

BLM Land

There are miles and miles of free camping on BLM land in the San Rafael Swell. The campsites are primitive and have no services or water. The good news is that you can camp for free in gorgeous settings with plenty of space. This is kind of extreme car camping. You will be miles from any services, so you have to bring everything you need with you, including all the water you will need. The roads in the Swell are often not well marked so a good map is necessary. A GPS unit could also prove helpful. There are already plenty of established sites in turnoffs off the side of the back roads. Use these established sites to minimize impact and of course leave the site as you found it. Enjoy your public lands! Below are a few nice areas that are near to some of the places in the Swell you might want to visit.

Camping on BLM land near Goblin Valley State Park

Temple Mountain Area Camping

If you want to camp near Goblin Valley State Park and the Temple Mountain area, take Temple Mountain Road off Highway 24. After 5 miles there is an intersection with Goblin Valley Road. Continue going straight on Temple Mountain Road past the intersection. There is a parking area soon after. Past the parking area you will start to see camping spots. You can camp in the ones around the canyon or continue out "behind the reef" where there is miles of open space. The road does get pretty rough after awhile but should be passable by most cars. Some smaller RVs may be able to go to some of the closer spots. Be sure never to camp or put vehicles in any washes due to the danger of flash flooding. This is a beautiful area.

Camping on BLM land near The Wedge Overlook

These are also primitive sites with no facilities or water. In this area you have to camp at designated numbered sites. They are spread out and are very nice sites. You can check out the Map Page to see the location of The Wedge Overlook. Follow the directions to The Wedge Overlook. When you get close you will see signs pointing to the numbered sites which are in two separate sections. There is a bulletin board near where they split. Also a beautiful area with the stunning Wedge Overlook very close by.

Camping on BLM land near Buckhorn Draw

This is a very pretty area with towering buttes and canyons. There are many turnoffs for camping spots on Buckhorn Draw Road(Co Rd. 332) in the miles around the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. Don't camp right at the pictograph panel or parking area. Both the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel and The Wedge Overlook are nearby to this area. You can check out the Buckhorn Draw Page and the Map Page for more information and location.

San Rafael Bridge Recreation Site

The San Rafael Bridge Recreation Site is near the San Rafael River and the Buckhorn Wash area. It has a few facilities such as tent pads, picnic tables and toilets but there is no water available. This a pay site.

Swasey's Beach

Swasey's Beach is located on the Green River and is a common place to take out for rafting trips. This BLM land is north of the town of Green River.

Private campgrounds

There are also some private campgrounds in the area and some with RV sites.