Other Activities

Below are various activities you can enjoy in and around the San Rafael Swell. You can also check out the Places to Visit menu heading, which has more detailed information on the activities related to each highlighted area.


The San Rafael Swell is crisscrossed with old mining roads that are very popular with ATVers. These roads often have no signs, so a good map is required. A GPS unit could also prove useful. ATVs are allowed in many areas but are restricted in some areas.


The old mining roads popular with ATVers are also popular with bicyclists. They are mostly graded gravel roads. You can get a good map and explore. The Wedge Overlook is a popular biking destination.


With its many canyons, the San Rafael Swell is great place for adventurous canyoneering. Get a good map and guidebook.


Restaurants are available in the cities surrounding the Swell such as Green River or Price.


There are golf courses at a couple of state parks on the outskirts of the Swell. Check out State Parks page.


With its twisting slot canyons and miles of backcountry areas, the San Rafael Swell is a great place to hike. There are many canyons around Goblin Valley State Park including Chute Canyon, Crack Canyon, Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon. The Buckhorn Draw area is another popular place for hiking. There are many other trails in the Swell to explore. Multi day backpacking trips could prove difficult to plan in the Swell because of the lack of available water. Make sure you have a good map and plenty of water while hiking.

Horseback Riding

There are numerous horse trails in the San Rafael Swell. Although not suitable in some areas, and there is very little water in the Swell, horseback riding is allowed in many areas on the BLM land.

Scenic Drives

All the roads in the San Rafael Swell could be considered scenic drives. You can also check out a few nearby scenic byways. Drive The Energy Loop:Huntington and Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway for an alpine trip through the Manti-La Sal National Forest. There is also the Nine Mile Canyon Back Country Byway which travels by thousands of examples of ancient rock art in "the world's longest art gallery".