State Parks

There are a few state parks near the San Rafael Swell. Some are on reservoirs or rivers, which can come as a welcome relief in this often hot and dry area. They can be a great place to stay while visiting the Swell. You can view the locations of the State Parks on the Map Page.

Goblin Valley State Park

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Goblin Valley State Park

This is a great state park in the southern section of the Swell near Hanksville, Utah. It is known for its fantastical rock formations. The park has facilities including campgrounds and picnic areas.

Green River State Park

Green River State Park is located on the banks of the Green River in the town of Green River, Utah. It is a popular launch site for boaters heading to Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons. There is also a 9 hole golf course on the banks of the river. The park has many facilities including campgrounds and RV hookups. A convenient and centrally located park to stay at for further exploration of the area and the San Rafael Swell. Nearby places include Goblin Valley State Park and the Buckhorn Draw area.

Huntington State Park

Huntington State Park sits next to a reservoir with picturesque buttes in the background. A pleasant contrast to the usually hot and dry desert environment, this spot is popular for boating and other water activities. There is a campground that can accommodate RVs but there are no hookups. It is located near Huntington,Utah off Highway 10

Millsite State Park

Millsite State Park is situated on the Millsite Reservoir and is located off Highway 10 near Castle Dale, Utah. There is opportunity for boating on the reservoir and there is an 18 hole golf course nearby. The park has a campground that can accommodate RVs. This park provides a convenient starting point for exploring the northern section of the Swell and the reservoir will probably be a welcome sight after spending time in the often hot and dry San Rafael Swell. Nearby places to visit in the San Rafael Swell include The Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Draw.