Wild Horse Window

Wild Horse Window

This is a fun hike to a natural bridge just outside Goblin Valley State Park, with few crowds. The Wild Horse Window is a massive oval shaped opening in the ceiling of a small cave or cave like indention in the cliff. You can sit in the cave and look up at the sky. Another one of the fantastic geological features in the San Rafael Swell. It is also a chance to hike up the slickrock and get some views of the San Rafael Desert below.

The Hike

The Trailhead

The trail head is located off Goblin Valley Road. There is an unmarked dirt road on the right, just about a quarter mile after turning onto Goblin Valley Road from Temple Mountain Road. Follow that dirt road for about a quarter mile to a small unmarked parking area. There are no facilities there.

The Route

As always, it is a good idea to have a good map with you. It is fairly easy to navigate but a detailed guidebook may also be a good idea. There is no real established trail leading the whole way, you will be navigating on your own. The hike is approximately 1 mile one way.

Towards Wild Horse Window

View near the trailhead. The trail up the wash towards the slickrock and the cave.

Towards Wild Horse Window

Increased vegetation approaching the window

Wild Horse Window

The two caves, Wild Horse Window is on the right

At the parking area look west up at what looks like a huge cave. That is your destination. Make a note of its location. During the hike you will keep hiking in the direction of the cave. You can see the cave for some of the way and you keep heading towards it. From the parking lot there is an unmarked trail that leads across the wash towards the slickrock. Climb through and up the wash. There is no trail once you hit the slickrock but there are plenty of cairns to help you along the way. Hike up the slickrock in the direction of the cave. The rock slopes and folds and you have to navigate around some areas, once again the cairns can help out. When you get closer, there is more sand and vegetation and you enter something of canyon. There are two caves at the end, the one on the right has the window. A great place to just hang out for awhile. Hike back out the way you came.

Wild Horse Window

Wild Horse Window

Wild Horse Window

view from the cave



There are no facilities or water available
There is a small unmarked Parking Area


BLM - Price Field Office
125 S 600 W
Price, UT 84501
Phone: 435-636-3600

Things to Consider

Bring and drink plenty of water. There is little shade until you reach the Wild Horse Window. This is an not a well marked trail and navigation skills are needed. Be sure to fill up your gas tank in Green River or Hanksville.

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